Primus Flat


Our top-range in-ground trampoline is a perfect choice for the most demanding jumpers. The combination of the AkroSpring Pro suspension system and the AkroVent jumping mat provide a unique jumping performance, which makes the trampoline extremely popular, especially for experienced trampoline jumpers, gymnasts, freerunners and teenagers. It is also suitable for beginners, top athletes and for rehabilitation. We guarantee that no garden trampoline will match the jumping quality of the Primus Flat. The trampoline provides a new level of design of safety, quality and jumping performance. Designed for a long and intensive use life. The black and grey color combination gives Primus Flat a very sleek and stylish look.

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$ 2.195,00

* TAX is not included
SET does not include the Safety net

About trampoline


11 x 8 ft / 335 x 244 cm

User level



Flat to the ground



Best for

Home use


  • AkroSpring
  • AkroCLICK® system
  • Spring protection
  • UV resistant heavy-duty pad
  • UV resistant PVC
  • Excellent grip and stability
  • Temperature range -30°C/+70°C
  • Superior bounce performance
  • Various sizes
  • Rust resistant frames
  • Quiet operation while jumping
  • Innovative, durable and tear resistant materials
  • Easy assembly



Safety pad


Jumping mat

Safety net

AkroVENT® SPORT perforated jumping mat

Our developing team took the Akrobat trampoline design to a completely different level with its top feature – a ventilating jumping mat that leaves the frame pads securely attached, preventing annoying pad lifting and slapping noise. Ventilating air through the jumping mat instead of on the sides makes Akrobat trampolines not just quieter but also safer to use. The extra protective edge covers the springs, so the jumpers will not accidentally injure their foot between a spring while jumping. The effective system with 70% air permeability provides the experience of virtually no air resistance when jumping, which allows for an unforgettable jump experience.

AkroSPRING® SPORT innovative spring system

The innovative spring system is extremely durable and offers long-lasting elasticity, quiet operation and a more powerful bounce experience with low impact on the body.

Flat-to-the-ground design

The flat-to-the-ground model of trampolines will make any backyard look sensational! It blends perfectly into the landscape of the garden. Suitable for beginners and advanced jumpers, it is also wheelchair accessible and has proven to be especially effective in rehabilitation therapy.

Rust and crack resistant retaining wall

Rust and crack resistant retaining wall keeps soil in place.

Heavy duty safety padding

Premium quality, UV & water resistant heavy duty safety padding.

Fire, water and temperature resistant high density foam

Fire, water and temperature resistant high density foam with prolonged life-span.

Additional spring protection

With AkroSPRING® SPORT system you get additional spring protection flap for maximum safety.

Tehnical info

Shape Rectangular
Dimensions 11 x 8 ft / 335 x 244 cm
Color combinations Black safety pad / Grey jumping mat, Green safety pad / Black jumping mat, Anthracite gray safety pad / Black jumping mat
Number of springs 80
Spring lenght 21,5 cm
Safety pad thickness 30 mm
Frame height 25 cm
Max. weight 130 kg
Safety net option Full net, Half net, Corner net
Safety net height 180 cm
Construction Flat to the ground
Spring type AkroSPRING® Pro System
Jumping mat type AkroVENT® Sport
PVC option Gloss
AkroCLICK® System AkroCLICK® System

* Safety net is optional feature.


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