XCITYX trampoline


Introducing the Akrobat XCITYX, our largest trampoline specifically designed for teenagers, the GTramp community, free runners, gymnasts, and trampoline enthusiasts eager to show off their best performance. The superior bounce performance of the Akrobat XCITYX trampoline is achieved through the perfect combination of the innovative AkroVENT® Sport+ jumping mat, high-performance springs and a 250kg strong steel construction, resulting in higher, smoother, safer jumps, that will withstand even the wildest jumpers.

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SET includes trampoline + safety net

About trampoline

User level

14 years +


Above ground



Best for

Home use


  • AkroCLICK® system
  • Rust resistant frames
  • Easy assembly
  • UV resistant materials
  • Strong and heavy duty frame
  • High Performance Springs
  • Temperature range -40C /+ 70C
  • XXXL size
  • Powder coated frame and legs
  • Innovative, durable, tear resistant materials
  • Easy Access Entrance
  • European materials
  • Quick dry jumping mat
  • Exceptional bounce performance



Safety pad


Jumping mat

Safety net

Akrobat XCITYX

This powerhouse of a trampoline promises unbeatable strength and durability, lifting the bounce game to new heights. Join the revolution of jumping for the ultimate trampoline experience!


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Unmatched strength with the heavy-duty frame

Elevate your trampoline experience with our groundbreaking powder coated frame made of square tubes (80x80x3cm), boasting unparalleled strength, stability, and durability. Weighing approximately 250 kg, this frame will withstand even the wildest jumpers.

Akrobat-XcityX Trampoline-Unmatched strength with the heavy-duty frame

High performance springs

Feel the power beneath your feet with our new High-Performance Springs, measuring 26 cm for an extraordinary bounce. The springs have a conical shape with wider diameter and are coated, which results in exceptional durability and performance. Paired with our AkroVENT® SPORT+ jumping mat, it's like having your very own trampoline park at home. Elevate your jumping experience and redefine what's possible with our powerful spring technology.

High performance springs

Dual level incline padding

Our trampoline features a unique 2-level padding design, with corners boasting 3 cm thickness and the center offering 6cm of protection. Thicker than with any other trampoline, it provides unparalleled safety for every jump. The angled cut towards the jumping mat ensures a secure landing, setting a new standard in trampoline safety.

Trampoline XCITYX - Dual level lncline padding - Akrobat

V-Shaped legs

Introducing a game-changer in trampoline design! Our V-shaped legs redefine stability, distributing forces with pinpoint accuracy. Experience controlled jumps and unmatched stability like never before.

Akrobat-XcityX Trampoline-V-Shaped Legs

UV-Resistant materials

Our trampoline is a testament to long-lasting quality. The UV-resistant, high quality PVC and Netting materials withstand all climates promising a long lifespan.

UV-Resistant materials

Wider entrance with laser cut steps for optimal comfort

Our entrance features sturdy steps accompanied by soft padding for a comfortable start to your bouncing journey. The padding at the bottom of the stairs makes for the perfect waiting area or shoe storage space ensuring a smooth transition onto the trampoline.

Wider entrance with laser cut steps for optimal comfort

AkroVENT® SPORT+ perforated jumping mat

Push your limit and experience next level Airflow with our specially engineered jumping mat. With a 70% open structure allowing for minimal Air Resistance through the mat, the AkroVENT® SPORT+ will have you jumping better, smoother, and higher than ever before. XCITYX jumping mat is equipped with a spring protection flap to prevent foot injuries while ventilating air through the jumping mat prevents annoying pad lifting and noise reduction while jumping. The AkroVENT® SPORT+ jumping mat combined with high-performance springs and a heavy-duty frame is the perfect choice for those who demand the best.

AkroVENT<sup>®</sup> SPORT+ perforated jumping mat

Quick & easy installation

Tehnical info

Shape Rectangular
Color combinations Black and blue safety pad with print / blue jumping mat, Black and anthracite gray safety pad / black jumping mat, Black and anthracite gray safety pad with print / black jumping mat
Number of springs 120
Spring lenght 26 cm
Safety pad thickness 30 mm
Frame height 115 cm
Max. weight 150 kg
Safety net option Full net
Safety net height 180 cm
Construction Above ground
Spring type High performance (HP)
Jumping mat type AkroVENT® Sport+
PVC option Matt
AkroCLICK® System AkroCLICK® System


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