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We understand that running a trampoline park is a complex business, which, in addition to all the pleasures, also brings daily challenges. Most importantly, the trampoline park must be safe for the visitors and, of course, profitable for the owner. So, as a trampoline park owner, you would indeed strive to have more control over the park, wouldn't you?

Even better, what if you could do that directly from your smartphone or other devices?

Smart Parks Solution

makes all this possible for you!

Akrobat - Smart Park Solution - Concept

The basis of a platform is a smart sensor that we place under each trampoline and connect all of them into one intelligent system available at your fingerprints, anytime and anywhere you want.

Sensors perform various measurements and offer you up to date and accurate statistics on every trampoline module in your park at all times.

That way, you gain total control over park occupancy, occupancy of each module, use of games, room temperature or lights. Consequently, you can rank parks modules by interest, measure the profitability of individual elements and act accordingly.

What is more, the collected data enables immediate detection and troubleshooting and quick reaction time in case of game errors.

It also helps you better plan to replace parts or park modules due to wear and tear or overloads, with no operational delays.

Let us help you get started on the road to your own park with a free consultation.


This cloud-based platform was built to give owners and managers of trampoline parks just that – a means for accessible and efficient supervision of one or multiple parks that you oversee.

Park control

That way, you gain total control over park:

  • Park occupancy
  • Occupancy of individual modules
  • Room temperature control
  • Light control
  • Use of games control

Akrobat - Smart Park Solution - Advantage - Park Control

Maintenance & Warranties

  • System warnings
    Which trampolines need to be inspected more regularly because they are out of warranty or are likely to wear out. 
  • Pre-orders of parts
    Which parts will first wear out to have them in stock for a quick replacement.
  • Akrobat Preventive Maintenance Service
    - Timely replacements
    - No operational delays of the park

Akrobat - Smart Park Solution - Advantage - Maintenance & Warranties

Quick reaction time

  • Planning to replace parts or park modules
    Due to wear and tear or overloads.
  • Quick reaction in case of game errors
    An online connection enables immediate detection and troubleshooting.

Akrobat - Smart Park Solution - Advantage - Quick reaction time

Statistics & planning

  • Comparisons between your parks
  • Ranking of modules by interest
  • Profitability of individual elements
  • Easier investment planning
  • Use of games control

Greater profitability

  • Replacement of elements that are not interesting
  • Elimination of the loss of income due to the closure of individual elements in the park
  • Possibility of advertising on games (promotions, discounts, merchandising) 

Akrobat - Smart Park Solution - Advantage - Greater profitability

Technology - Platform connectivity

Especially useful for franchising. 

Devices connect directly to the cloud via the web and also allow for the cloud platform to connect directly back to the devices, for administration / updates.

Akrobat - Smart park Solution - Technology -  Platform connectivity

Let us help you get started on the road to your own Smart Trampoline Park with a free consultation.

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