A wide selection of accessories we offer, rapid supply of all the parts, customized maintenance packages and our customer support will make your trampoline park business much easiers.

Trampoline park foam cubes.

Bounce your trampoline to the next level

We have rounded up a selection of trampoline park accessories that either prolong the service life span of the trampoline parks by offering protection, or extend the ways it can be used.

Thanks to our central location in Europe, we also provide our customers with a rapid supply of replacement parts. We offer a wide selection of materials and colours and production and delivery of spare parts that are made in our production facilities. By offering customised maintenance packages, we bring the park operators peace of mind and keep the parks looking fresh for years to come.

Balls, battle sticks, foam cubes, trampoline socks

Due to intensive use, some items need to be replaced on a regular basis. We offer a quick delivery of a wide range of handy gadgets, including foam cubes in different colours, branded socks, different types of balls, safety pads, etc.

Customized foam cubes.

Graphics & special effects 

By printing graphics on different park elements we bring customer branding directly into the park. Our safety nets double as canvases for displaying different images, and printing can be included in almost all elements of the park. We offer UV PVC materials which glow under black light during disco nights. Another great feature is LED lighting which can be integrated in ninja courses under trampoline safety pads and other areas.

Trampoline park socks.

Games and technology

Engaging the user to interact with other jumpers, or simply challenge him- or herself by use of technology, is becoming an integral part of trampoline parks. To boost user experience, we equip different park activities with games such as ninja warrior timer, augmented climbing wall, interactive wall-jumping and dodgeball attack.

Trampoline park accessories

Ninja elements

We supply an unlimited number of versatile elements for the ninja course and develop new ones every day. Our modular approach allows for quick and simple exchange of different obstacles, creating new experiences for the returning user.

Ninja elements for indoor park


Our service doesn’t stop with delivery of the trampoline park. We supply our customers with furnishings such as reception desks, shipping containers converted into office space, walking platforms, padded benches, bean bags, you name it.

Trampoline park equipment


Once you have made the decision to set up a trampoline park, we are here to help you. We offer you our support from your simple sketch to your final installation. If you already have a designated space, we can prepare several designs for your set up. If you already have an idea of what you want, our designers will prepare you a 2D model. According to the design, we also provide you with a quotation. As AKROBAT is a trampoline manufacturer, that produces over 8000 trampolines per year, we have optimum material availability, a wide choice of colours and designs.

Indoor park manufacturing

Unique solution for your trampoline park

Unique solution for your trampoline park

Akrobat trampoline parks are entirely custommade projects which can be fully adapted to you needs and different target groups by including a mix of different attractions.

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Accessories & Support

Accessories &

A wide range of accessories at one place. Besides main attractions we offer wide range of accessories for trampoline parks.

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Trampoline park modules

Trampoline park modules

AKROBAT offers an innovative trampoline structure that will assure optimum safety, easy maintenance, an original design and module upgrading, for an activity that is 100% entertaining!

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Trampoline park references

Trampoline park references

All trampoline parts are developed, tested and manufactured by Akrobat in Europe to assure best products and long warranties.

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