Akrobat Parks reviews

Successful and satisfied owners of trampoline parks are our greatest asset!

A new trampoline park opens nearly every day somewhere around the world. They’re exciting, extremely profitable and appeal to a multigenerational market. These entirely custommade projects can be fully adapted to different target groups by including a mix of different attractions. Akrobat converts empty halls into exciting and profitable family entertainment destinations. We have many ambassadors in many different countries across the world.

Competitive price, good communication and delivery on time = satisfied ambassadors.

Akrobat proved to be a fair and reliable partner

"I already operate two indoor playgrounds and have experience with various suppliers. Akrobat proved to be a fair and reliable partner. They delivered and installed the park on time and the quality delivered is fully in line with other European suppliers, but at a more competitive price. The park has proven to be a huge success straight from the opening, allowing me to jump straight into designing the new extension of Cyberjump with Akrobat."

Stefan Fritsch, owner of Elevenpark Kft., Trampoline park Cyberjump in Budapest, Hungary

They are easy to cooperate with and have delivered on time

"I am very happy with Akrobat for their great source of knowledge, good communication and hard work. They're easy to cooperate with, and have delivered on time. The materials used are very good, look nice and are easy to clean."

Vivian Grüner, owner of Gravity Sports Trampoline parks in Tønsberg and Larvik, Norway

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