Highest quality materials and safety performance

Trampoline park safety & Top quality

We are always striving to find the highest quality materials offering maximum safety and minimum maintenance. With experience since 2003, AKROBAT is one of the leading European manufacturers of trampolines and trampoline parks, focused on bringing real value to our customers.

We guarantee the design and manufacturing of the trampoline park according to ASTM F2970, PAS 5000, EN 13219, EN 913 and EN 1176 standards.

Certified, tested & made in Europe

We produce over 8000 trampolines per year and every single AKROBAT trampoline is manufactured in Europe. That is not only guarantee of products quality and safety,
but also a confirmation that our trampolines are produced by skilled and certified manufacturers.

All AKROBAT trampolines are made with compliance to several standards: EN 1176, EN 13219, EN 913, ASTM F2970 and PAS 5000 to meet unique needs of our customers and offer only high quality and safety products. Akrobat has years of experience in trampoline development and production.

All trampoline parts are manufactured, inspected and preinstalled at the Akrobat factory.

Top-quality materials

We use only thoroughly tested, certified, nontoxic and weather-resistant materials, compliant to Reach standard, sourced from European and US manufacturers, to ensure long years of operation supported by industry-leading warranties.

We continuously test all the materials with independent institutions and with our own engineering team.


The anti-slip and tear-resistant 620g/m2 material used in all our padding is coated as opposed to laminated to prevent chipping and tearing during use, and is available in an extensive palette of exciting colours.

Double-layer jumping mats

Our unique redundancy system ensures that the mat stays in function in the event of small tears in the upper layer of the jumping mat, thus maintenance can be done after closing time, not during opening hours.


The high-quality cross-linked 6-centimetre foam used in trampoline safety pads, floor and other types of padding, will stay in shape over a long period of intensive use.

AkroSPRING® innovative spring system

Due to their special design and pre-tensioning it substantially reduces the G-forces affecting the spine and joints during jumping. This makes jumping safer on the body while guaranteeing a notable superb bounce performance. All springs are made in house and are thoroughly tested to withstand at least 2.5 million jumps.

Spring protection

Safety straps prevent foot access to the springs and are produced to stay in place.

Reinforced steel structure

The welded pre-galvanised steel structure has resistance to much higher forces and is additionally reinforced to provide maximum mechanical strength. The sturdy design leaves flexibility to use very little drilling into the floor, when there are limitations, which can also be a major time saver.

Safety nets

Padded and produced with metal bars at side, top and bottom for stability, durability and nice tension. We can provide printed safety nets displaying graphics for the branding of the park.

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