Indoor trampoline park design

Custom Trampoline park design

Akrobat trampoline parks are entirely custommade projects which can be fully adapted to you needs and different target groups by including a mix of different attractions. We convert empty halls into exciting and profitable family entertainment destinations. The main advantage of an indoor trampoline park is that it caters to all ages, allowing the whole family to enjoy the same activity and to join in the fun and energetic atmosphere of jumping.

Mix&Match system, find your winning combination!

Our modular approach allows mix & match of different attractions and uncomplicated future replacement of entire segments with trendier ones.

Trampoline park design

Playful designs for unique experience

With a wide selection of materials, colours and modules, we build truly unique park designs. By printing graphics on different surfaces, we create spaces that bring unsurpassed user experience.

Indoor trampoline park design

Space utilisation, use every corner of your hall

In designing the park we keep our focus on every detail and we don't leave any spot of the park unused;

  • Zip lining and adventure in the sky
  • A rope course is perfect for high halls where the extra space can be ultilised and used for an additional adventure course.

Trampoline park design


Akrobat trampoline parks feel different from the moment you enter. The elements are perfectly fitted together and appeal to the eye due to perfected workmanship. The materials feel durable and well executed.

Trampoline park design

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