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Trampoline reviews from Akrobat's happy customers

With over sixteen years of experience in trampoline manufacturing we pride ourselves today as one of the top European suppliers of trampolines, focused on qualities that bring real value to our customers.
Excellent materials, unique technology, impeccable design & performance = satisfied customers. We always like to share the opinions of our satisfied customers.

"Our trampoline could really use a vacation"

Our trampoline could really use a vacation since we've been using it constantly – when the weather cooperated, of course. Our trampoline came to our home as a birthday present for both our sons who turned 6 and 11, respectively, last summer. It was a really great gift thought of by my wife. At first, our sons were the only ones using it, and they were really excited to be able to do so; then, my wife and I joined in, and soon, all of our relatives who came to visit us also had a go on the trampoline from time to time. Of course, our trampoline was the perfect excuse for the kids in our neighbourhood to visit us as often as possible. In addition to our eldest sons, our youngest son who turned 1 late last autumn is also happy to use it, with the protective net turning the trampoline into a huge playpen. Long story short, the purchase of this trampoline was a really good investment for the entire family and I hope we'll be able to use it for years to come.

Marko Deželak

"I was really happy with the trampoline"

When I got the trampoline, I was really happy. I used it to jump on it, alone or with friends, and to do gymnastics. I got the trampoline for my birthday.

Timea Štraus

"This is the best trampoline in the world"

We're having a lot of fun on the Akrobat trampoline, especially in the summer. When we jump on it in the summer, my neighbours join us. You can perform all kinds of things on the trampoline, such as somersaults, somersaults on your knees, and jumps on your bum, knees, and belly. This trampoline is really special. This is the best trampoline in the world.

Ita Kukman

"A trampoline is an excellent choice for everyone who wishes to exercise while enjoying spending time with others, laughing, and relaxing"

Are trampolines just a craze or a good investment in ourselves? Let's see. We are a family with a special needs child. Sometimes, satisfying a 6-year-old autistic boy is not an easy feat. In addition to our son, we also have a daughter who will soon be turning 5. How did it all start? One Sunday, we happened to stop in Črmošnjice to eat pizza in the "Pri Akrobatu" pizzeria. Next to the shop and the restaurant, trampolines of various sizes are put on display to be used by visitors. Our children Simon and Sandra also decided to make use of the opportunity to have fun jumping on the round awning. The response was phenomenal. This was the first time we considered buying a trampoline as parents. First of all, we asked ourselves how we could benefit from one. We quickly found that owning a trampoline would be an excellent opportunity for our firstborn since it would help him regain his balance and maintain good physical fitness. When we decided to jump around this vast awning ourselves, however, we were even more determined to buy one. Discussions and consultations with the salesperson that followed helped us decide on the quality of the trampoline we were looking for. We have opted for a better option which guaranteed better quality and the highest possible degree of safety of the trampoline. The purchase was made, and we have exchanged the value of a 7-day family vacation for several years of trampoline use. Today, we know that we have made the right choice and the correct investment. We live in a community with another five-member family. We have a large circle of friends who love to visit us – including because of the trampoline. Believe me when I say that we use it every day and that its presence is not purely decorative. If it rains, we have to shepherd our kids inside, almost by force, since they would carry on jumping on a wet trampoline if we didn’t We are very happy when other friends with special needs children visit us; what’s more other friends are also excited when they see what their little miracles are capable of performing on a trampoline. So we are more and more certain that we have made the right choice and a profitable investment. Otherwise, the use of the trampoline is a complicated task. A considerable amount of physical activity is necessary, but it really eases stress and contributes to better psychological well-being since it makes you drift into a special type of ecstasy where you can forget all your insecurities, worries, and everyday baggage. Thanks to the 15 minutes of physical exercise (for an otherwise physically inactive person, even this is a lot), the body also benefits from the positive energy that we all need, regardless of whether or not we have special needs. Daily exercise contributes to better balance, reduced excess weight, better physical fitness... A trampoline is an excellent choice for everyone who wishes to exercise while enjoying spending time with others, laughing, and relaxing. Let's think for a moment about our everyday lives that are so sadly "limited" to work, the TV, computer, mobile phone and the like, even though we all know that it is really important and healthy to move, spend time with others, relax, and laugh!

The Sirk family

"We spent the whole summer on our trampoline"

I'm Gaja and I'm 9 years old. I have a sister called Viva. We spent the whole summer on our trampoline. Of course, we didn't jump alone. The whole street jumped with us, from dusk till dawn, even though it was really hot outside. We were doing somersaults, flips, tumbles, and so on. My birthday party this year was the best ever. It was all about the trampoline.


"Kids love trampolines, but they are just as much fun for adults too"

We bought the Akrobat trampoline for the 7th birthday of our youngest daughter, but we all loved using it. The children were, admittedly, braver than us adults; we only bounced on it for a while. As you can see from the photo, even our grannies mustered the courage to try jumping. The children invented various games, played with the ball, did somersaults, used the trampoline for sunbathing and even set up their tent on the trampoline a couple of times in order to spend the night outside. I heard it made for a comfortable bed. Now, we've stored it in a safe place but we can hardly wait to get it out again. When it comes to the Akrobat, Mummy loved the fact that it was simple to put together, and Daddy too, since he had no trouble putting it together (it was Mummy who did it!); as far as the children are concerned, they loved its size and the fact that the trampoline was safe, due to its net. We're really not sorry that we bought it; not a day has gone by where we haven’t had fun using it.

The Jenko family

"We are very satisfied with our trampoline"

We are very satisfied with our trampoline and we're not sorry that we bought it, either. We jump on it almost every day, and it is suitable and interesting for our kids who can jump, do somersaults, and play with a ball on the trampoline.

The Robin family

"Our children spent every day on the trampoline"

We decided to buy the trampoline in April. Well, Mum actually decided to buy it, without consulting the other members of the family. The trampoline was supposed to be a birthday present for our son Gašper (4 years old) and our daughter Neja (3 years old). At first, Dad wasn't thrilled, especially when he heard how much it cost. Well, the day arrived when we brought our trampoline home. It was interesting to see that Dad immediately changed his mind about Mum's decision; the trampoline was put together the following day. He told everybody about this amazing purchase and about the positive features of the trampoline. From this day on, our social life changed a lot. Suddenly, everybody wanted to come visit, and we became the main "attraction" in the village. For the entire year, the neighbourhood kids have been paying visits to our children on a daily basis, and friends were even have been even more thrilled to come visit us with their kids. But it was the birthday parties that made our trampoline shine in all its glory. Everybody was jumping, regardless of their age. Even our 63-year-old neighbour tried to jump – but only after dark, so that the neighbours wouldn't see him... But I do have to say that our children spent every day on the trampoline, and we hardly had to force them to jump –they climbed up there by themselves and had endless fun jumping. Their coordination also improved; towards the end of the year, they even mastered some special jumps. They loved playing with the ball on the trampoline. Once, when a storm hit Rosalnice, the wind threw our trampoline on the top of the roof of our barn, twisting it. Once Dad removed the railing, the kids liked the trampoline even more, since it made it more interesting. Now, the trampoline is resting in the garage, awaiting new adventures...

The Kokot family

"We can hardly wait for the winter to pass, so that we can put our trampoline back in the garden and start jumping again"

You're right, our trampoline is already securely stored in a warm place. We took it down from our garden in October, when the first cold days started. Since May, when we got the trampoline, we have had a lot of fun using it. Everything was especially interesting in May when we celebrated the birthdays of Jan and Anže (since our trampoline was not ready yet, you were kind enough to lend us your trampoline, and we would like to thank you again for that). During the summer, the kids from our neighbourhood came to jump on our trampoline and, of course, Mum and Dad also had to join in the fun. Mum planned on getting even more exercise but she didn't always have the time. Well, she'll make up for it next year. Now, we can hardly wait for the winter to pass, so that we can put our trampoline back in the garden and start jumping again. We hope that the weather will be nice; since Jan is celebrating his birthday on 1 May, followed by Anže on 11 May, the kids will be able to jump and have fun on the trampoline once more. However, we would just like to warn you of an issue that we had and that we will probably continue to have in the future. On rainy days and otherwise in the morning, when the atmosphere was a bit chilly, there was water running from the protective layer covering the springs. In the summer, when it's hot, this is not really a problem, but when the days turn cooler, our socks and trousers immediately get wet... Therefore, you have to wipe the water away with a cloth; however, everything usually gets wet before that. 

The Ravbar family

"The trampoline is really a pleasure to use"

First of all, we must admit that your (well, our) Akrobat trampoline has brought us many lucky, carefree and unforgettable days, which you predicted yourselves. Our kids, as well as other children and adults, love using it to get some exercise. My husband and I especially like it when we're home alone and we don't feel like walking – we go out to the trampoline and have a good exercise. I don't think we scream any less than the children! The trampoline is really a pleasure to use. I think we have also managed to pass our enthusiasm on to others; I'm sure that everybody with sufficient space to put out a trampoline has already stopped by your store. Finally, we would like to thank you once again for having met all of our wishes regarding the trampoline.

The Čampelj family
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