We have rounded up a selection of trampoline accessories that either prolong the service life span of the trampoline by offering protection or extend the ways it can be used.

Trampoline accessories

Bounce your trampoline to the next level

In the trampoline accessories category, you can find trampoline covers, trampoline ladders, shoe mats, trampoline socks, UV protection sprays, and other accessories by request.

Trampoline cover

Providing year-round maximum protection from damage caused by weather and debris, the trampoline cover will increase the life span of the trampoline and add countless jumping moments. Made of UV-resistant high-quality PVC and available for all sizes and shapes of trampolines.

Trampoline cover

Trampoline ladder

We supply two different types of trampoline ladders for use with above-ground trampolines, depending on customer preferences regarding size and number of steps.

Trampoline ladder

Shoe mat

The shoe mat allows the child to stand comfortably, even when barefoot, as it prepares to climb the ladder onto the trampoline. It keeps dirt away and helps the trampoline stay nice and tidy.

Trampoline accessories - shoe mat

Trampoline socks

Durable trampoline socks with high-quality grips ensure a higher level of safety. The traction material used on the soles of the socks provides friction that reduces sliding and can decrease the likelihood of accidents. In the case of numerous users, the trampoline socks also help control the spreading of microbes which can be exchanged between bare feet.

Trampoline socks

UV protection spray

The solution will provide an efficient UV protection to the PVC material and give a fresh new look to the trampoline. For lasting effect, we recommend using the trampoline UV protection spray before the start of each new season and reapplying it periodically while in use.

Trampoline UV protection spray

AkroSpring PRO system

The innovative trampoline spring system is extremely durable and offers long-lasting elasticity, quiet operation and a more powerful bounce experience with low impact on the body.

Trampoline spring replacements


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