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02. 08. 2022


Akrobat Bounce Bridge 2022, Ljubljana - we made it!

On July 1st and 2nd, together with Dunking Devils, we organized the biggest trampoline event in the world.

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Akrobat Bounce Bridge 2022, Ljubljana - we made it - AKROBAT

The biggest trampoline event of this summer is behind us

Together with the Dunking Devils group and with the help of the Extrem team, we organized a spectacular evening in the center of Ljubljana with the biggest trampoline in the world "Supernova" measuring 13 x 13 m, a trampoline bridge, a freestyle trampoline measuring 5 x 5 m and two Olympic trampolines. The event attracted the best Slovenian and worldwide acrobats. Visitors were impressed with unforgettable performances and an entertainment program in the fan zone.

Akrobat not just only participated as the main partner of the event. But as one of the leading manufacturers of trampolines, Akrobat also produced all jumping surfaces, cushions, safety nets and other jumping and additional equipment for this event.

A new world record in the highest jump on the trampoline

British Ernest Brenchley improved last year's record of 10.30 meters with his 13-meter jump. Ernest was not only the highest jumper, but he can also boast of winning the category of the best trick on the mega trampoline.

During the two-day spectacle, in addition to the highest jump in the world, you could enjoy many interesting events

  • Four international competitions on three different types of trampolines,
  • many fun activities in the fun zone,
  • acrobatic performances on the biggest trampoline in the world,
  • 20.5 m long trampoline bridge connecting both banks of the Ljubljanica river that more than 5,200 visitors jumped over during the event.

We must also not forget the big surprise and entertainment of the event, the Kamikaze acrobatic tandem.

Check out some highlights from the event!