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26. 07. 2022

New Trampoline parks

Akrobat opened the first outdoor trampoline park in Slovenia!

We present our first outdoor trampoline park in Slovenia - Zaka Bled.

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Akrobat Outdoor Trampoline park - Akrobat - Zaka Bled

For all lovers of nature and trampolines, the first outdoor trampoline park in Slovenia – Fun Park Zaka in Bled, is a real adventure, a fun surprise in the middle of the forest. We designed and equipped the 600 m2 park with many modules (free jumping area, trampoline river, slackline, airbag, ladder bridge and interactive games). We also added individual sound and light effects to the park that can be regulated at any time.

We adapted the design to the environment and weather influences, to which the park is exposed. Due to these special requirements, the park nevertheless achieves the level of attractiveness, fun and comfort offered by indoor trampoline parks. Fun Park Zaka Bled is open to all visitors from July 1, 2022.

Advantages of Akrobat's outdoor trampoline parks

Over 13 years of experience in manufacturing trampolines for public use, outdoor trampolines, and equipment for trampoline parks allows us to offer you products of premium quality. All our products are produced in our company, so they are of European origin and manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards: ASTM F2970, PAS 5000, EN 13219, EN 913 and EN 1176.

All our modules for outdoor trampoline parks are resistant to all weather conditions, both high and low temperatures, rain and intense UV rays.

Akrobat Smart park solution for outdoor trampoline parks

Fun Park Zaka Bled is also made with the latest technology for the management and control of trampoline parks - Akrobat Smart Park. The basis of the Akrobat Smart park solution is the sensors built into each trampoline. The solution enables controlling the occupancy of individual elements in the trampoline park via an application on a computer or phone in real-time. It allows you to see the current temperature of the outdoor trampoline park, control and manage the lighting directly from your phone, and much more.

Please, contact us for any additional questions.

Take a look at some highlights from Fun Paka Zaka Bled!