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06. 08. 2021

Entertainment Industry Trends, Trampoline Parks Technologies

Bounce Bridge 2021, Ljubljana is coming

On August 20 and 21, the biggest international trampoline spectacle of this summer will take place in Ljubljana - Bounce Bridge Ljubljana. Join us.

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Trampoline on water

It is a fresh, innovative sports and entertainment event that the world has never seen before - sponsored by Akrobat.

The idea for this project is the result of previous experience events on the river of Ljubljanica and the viral success of the world's largest trampoline placed together with Dunking Devils. All these projects have impressed the domestic and world public, so this year the largest trampoline in the world will grow over the Ljubljanica river.

In the heart of the capital, just above the surface of the Ljubljanica river, we will build the largest trampoline in the world and the first trampoline bridge that will connect both banks. We will combine incredible acrobatics with the recognizable backdrop of the Ljubljana embankment and organize an unforgettable show for visitors!

You can read more about the event on the official event page:

Join us and fly with us across the Ljubljanica!