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29. 06. 2022


Akrobat Bounce Bridge 2022, Ljubljana Spectacle

On July 1st and 2nd 2022, the biggest international trampoline spectacle of this summer will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia - Akrobat Bounce Bridge 2022. Join us.

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For the second year in a row, we are a part of a big event - Akrobat Bounce Bridge, and this time we are proud to be the main partner of the event. The breathtaking venue will be set on an aluminum structure above the water level of the Ljubljanica, and here is what you can expect from the event:

The largest trampoline structure in the world

For this event, we will install a unique trampoline bridge and the biggest trampoline in the world above the Ljubljanica river. Yes, we will change the center of Ljubljana city into an outdoor Trampoline park. Crazy idea, is it? The breathtaking venue will be set up on two aluminum structures above the water level of the Ljubljanica.

What is waiting for you at the event?

  • Supernova - the largest trampoline in the world
  • Freestyle trampoline 5 x 5 m
  • 2x Olympic trampoline 3 x 5 m
  • 22 m long bridge over the Ljubljanica with a trampoline canvas by the trampoline manufacturer Akrobat

To install all these trampolines we will need 7 days, 1000 springs, 50m2 trampolines, 150 m2 safety net, and 10 tons of aluminum construction!


4 International competitions on 3 different types of trampolines

  • Freestyle Battle on a 5 × 5 m trampoline
  • Competition for the best trick (on Supernova, the largest trampoline in the world)
  • Competition in the highest jump (on Supernova, the largest trampoline in the world)
  • Competition according to the official rules of the Gymnastics Association of Slovenia

You can witness the longest time spent in the air 2.93 seconds or the 10.5 high jumps, and so much more.


Take a look at how it was last year.