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15. 09. 2021

Entertainment Industry Trends, Trampoline Parks Technologies

Bounce Bridge 2021, Ljubljana - we made it!

On August 21, an innovative sports and entertainment event Bounce Bridge 2021, Ljubljana took place!

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World's largest trampoline

Akrobat, together with Dunking Devils and Extrem Agency, installed the world's largest trampoline right above the Ljubljanica River! Bounce Bridge Ljubljana gathered a record number of visitors from all over Slovenia, Europe, and even the US! The viral event was made successfully and impressed the public in Europe and the world!

The program was filled with adrenaline shows - the audience enjoyed water volleyball, rock climbing, dancing, VR simulators, and acrobatic performances on trampolines! The main part of the program was a professional competition among acrobats - a total of 4 competitions were held on 3 different trampolines. Professional athletes from 7 countries took part, during the program 11 medals were awarded!

The construction of the trampoline bridge proved to be challenging, primarily due to its unique location and technical requirements. To support and stabilize the bridges, 8-meter pillars were installed, attached to the bottom of Ljubljanica - professional divers were involved in their installation. 10-ton aluminum structure for trampolining, over 400 springs, and 220 square meters of airbags! The construction of the trampoline was completed 5 days before the start of the competition.

The design for the Bounce Bridge Ljubljana included:

  • 13 x 13 m huge “Supernova” mega trampoline
  • Trampoline bridge 20.5 meters long
  • 5 x 5 m trampoline
  • 2 x large flexible trampoline

The professional performances ended with another surprise - the 20.5-meter long trampoline bridge was open to all visitors. 5000 people managed to test it!

During the event, the Akrobat counter recorded more than 80,000 jumps on the Akrobat Trampoline Bridge! 

Event Video

Watch our video about the event:

Bounce Bridge 2021, Ljubljana - video

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