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Fun Park Zaka

Bled, Slovenia / 600 m2 , 2022

Something very unique has been created by Akrobat recently - the Fun Park Zaka Bled. This Outdoor Trampoline Park, equipped with lights, sound, and interactive games, is already open. Fun Park Zaka Bled contains the latest technology and, therefore, can be called a Smart Park. A Smart Park means you can read all the information from jumping in the park directly in an app. Think about the number of jumps per trampoline, the most used games, real-life notifications of e.g. malfunctions to e.g. interactive games, airbags, or defective trampolines, and get notifications in advance for wear and tear of parts. The lighting found here is not only present outside as actual lighting, but also integrated into Trampolines. Everything can be customized.

Modules included in Fun Park Zaka

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