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Orbit Inground trampoline


Durable and safe, this in-ground trampoline is friendly to the sensitive family budget, offers flexible mobility, and is extremely easy to install.

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€ 749,00

* TAX included

SET includes trampoline + safety net

About trampoline


Ø 8 ft / 244 cm

User level






Best for

Home use


  • AkroSpring
  • AkroClick system
  • UV resistant PVC
  • Fire resistant PCV
  • Temperature range -30°C/+70°C
  • Round and rectangular design
  • Various sizes
  • Rust resistant frames
  • Quiet operation while jumping
  • Easy assembly
  • Antiseptic & nontoxic materials


Frame warranty

Safety pad warranty

Springs Warranty

Jumping mat warranty

Simple model of inground trampolines

You wish to have garden trampoline and you don’t like having big structure taking your view? Akrobat ORBIT Inground trampoline will give you necessary safety without need of safety net. It will become part of your garden and give you open view and free access. Akrobat ORBIT Inground is a simple model of inground trampolines. Frame is placed on small legs which you fix on a flat grass surface. Hole is made in the middle of the trampoline to assure safe jumping.

In-ground trampoline with net

AkroAIR® jumping mat

Our developing team took the AKROBAT trampolines design to a whole different level with its top feature – ventilating jumping mat which leaves the frame pads securely attached preventing annoying pad lifting and slapping noise.

AkroAIR® jumping mat - Akrobat
AkroAIR® jumping mat - Akrobat

AkroCLICK® for screwless easy installation

Akrobat trampolines are extremely easy to assemble due to the smart click system that allows the profiles to connect without use of screws or tools. AkroCLICK gets the job done in a few short and easy steps.

AkroCLICK® for screwless easy installation - Akrobat

Akrobat trampolines are the only trampolines that don’t require any tools and screws for installation. Inovative system Akrobat allows all parts to join together without screws. Extra safety pins assure their safe and strong fixation.

AkroSPRING® innovative spring system

The innovative spring system is extremely durable and offers long-lasting elasticity, quiet operation and a more powerful bounce experience with low impact on the body. 
Akorbat springs are manufactured in-house. They will not rust or stretch. All springs are pre-tensioned and have a unique shape for optimal strenght and performance.

AkroSPRING® innovative spring system - Akrobat

Tehnical info

Shape Round
Dimensions Ø 8 ft / 244 cm
Color combinations Green safety pad / Black jumping mat, Anthracite gray safety pad / Black jumping mat
Number of springs 60
Spring lenght 18 cm
Safety pad thickness 30 mm
Frame height 20 cm
Max. weight 80 kg
Safety net option Full net, Half net
Safety net height 180 cm
Construction Inground
Spring type AkroSpring Pro System
Jumping mat type AkroAir
PVC option Matt
AkroClick System AkroClick System
Certificates SIST EN 71-14


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